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Trust Planning Lawyer in Columbus

Avoid probate and reduce your tax problems and liabilities by creating a trust for your family. At Rathburn & Associates, we draft trusts that are legally binding documents to protect your assets while you're alive. At the same time, they ensure your loved ones inherit your assets and property when you die. Put your trust in our respected trust planning lawyer in Columbus.

A trust also allows you to determine the age when your heirs receive distributions. In addition to financial distributions, a trust also permits you to provide for your loved one's health, education, and support until they reach a specific age or when certain conditions are met. Our competent and personable attorney for trusts helps you plan for your family's future today.

A Trust Planning Attorney You Can Trust

Trusts are legally-binding documents that protect a person's assets during a lifetime and even after death. They specify the terms pertaining to dispersing assets under certain conditions. As the person establishing the trust, you are the grantor. The grantor transfers assets and property to the trust. So the trust itself becomes the owner, not you.

However, you are still in control of the terms of the trust, and they can be changed at any time. One of the most important benefits this type of estate planning tool is that it allows you to avoid probate. The probate process can be tedious and impersonal when it is handled by the court. By depending on our lawyer for trusts, you decide what happens to your assets and property, not the court system. A trust will help you:

Young Couple in Consultation with Attorney in Columbus
  • Keep Your Financial Affairs Private
  • Provide Funds for Educational Purposes
  • Specify Instructions if Physically or Mentally Disabled
  • Avoid or Minimize Taxes
  • Eliminate Family Disputes
  • Donate to Charities & Institutions
  • Avoid Probate
  • Protect Your Estate

Take Care of Your Pets with Pet Trust Planning

If you are an animal lover, then your pet is like family to you. Safeguard the future of your pet by relying on us for pet trust planning. We create personalized pet trusts. A pet trust is a pet estate planning tool that ensures the well-being of your pet when you can no longer provide care. It allows you to legally state how your pet will be taken care of and by whom. Whether you have small kitten, large dog, or an exotic animal, a pet trust ensures the welfare of your pet long after you are gone.

Contact our will and trust attorney to protect your family's future with our estate planning services. We proudly serve clients in Columbus, Grove City, Hilliard, Dublin, and Worthington, Ohio, as well as the surrounding areas.