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Guardianship Attorney in Columbus

Become a guardian and provide the care your loved one needs. If someone close to you can no longer make or communicate sound decisions, you may want to consider guardianship. Our guardianship attorney in Columbus helps you begin the process. However, guardianship is a complex legal matter. It involves many court controls and filing requirements. At Rathburn & Associates, we are highly skilled in this area of law.

Whether you are seeking to become a guardian or you need to appoint one, we can help. By appointing a guardian, you ensure that those under your care are looked after upon your death or if you are incapacitated. Even though guardians may have a bond with the person under their care, the primary role is for them to coordinate and monitor professional services needed by the incapacitated person.

Adult Holding Child in Columbus

Skilled & Caring Guardianship Lawyer

Legal guardians are adults responsible for minors or other adults that are unable to make decisions for themselves for various reasons. They are granted legal authority to act on the behalf of the dependent person. A legal guardian can be appointed through a will, during the process of estate planning, or any other time.

Guardians make basic decisions for the wards in their charge, depending on specific regulations set forth by the one who appoints the guardian. This can be as simple as arranging for necessities like school and buying food and clothing to making medical and financial decisions. They are usually appointed by parents, spouses, or other close relatives.

When a child needs a legal guardian, the court can appoint one or the adult caring for the child may apply for guardianship. However, if the child's parents are deceased, but they named a guardian in their estate plan, that person may serve as a guardian if the court approves. For incapacitated adults, a guardian may be appointed to manage the individual and the adult's property, as well as make crucial personal decisions for him or her. Allow our guardianship lawyer to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Contact us if you need more information about filing for guardianship. We proudly serve clients in Columbus, Grove City, Hilliard, Dublin, and Worthington, Ohio, as well as the surrounding areas.